How we can help you

Step 1

Initial Consultation (Pre-mediation)

Prior to any mediation session we will explain the process to you in detail and determine whether mediation is appropriate to your situation.


There is also time during this session to discuss your current issue and circumstances. 

Step 2

Mediation session(s) 

We are an online service which allows us to conduct the mediation safely and privately.


This also allows us to provide our service at a time convenient to you.


Sessions can be conducted through video or teleconference.

Step 3

Facilitation of agreements & parenting plans

In the event of a resolution, we can help you to form a self-determined settlement agreement or parenting plan.


If you wish to make this agreement legally binding, you can do so through the court with the assistance of your lawyer.

Step 4

Follow-up Sessions

Agreements and plans made in the first session may not always work perfectly. 


Our door is always open to future sessions to ensure any settlement agreement and/or parenting plan is working in the reality of day-to-day life. 

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Online mediation can provide a dispute resolution process that encourages greater understanding and a self-determined settlement agreement and/or parenting plan.

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