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Mediation and conflict-coaching can provide a dispute resolution process that encourages greater understanding and improved communication long-term.
We are an online service which allows us to conduct the sessions safely and privately.

How we can help you

Step 1

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a longer appointment which allows you time to discuss your current issues and circumstances. 

Once your initial consultation is booked and paid for, we will send you some worksheets to help you prepare prior to the session and get the most value from your initial consultation.

We will then work with you to help in upcoming meetings and/or mediation sessions.

Step 2

Conflict-coaching and mediation session(s)
The initial consultation can be followed by further conflict-coaching sessions, or a mediation session with the other parties involved.
You can decide which pathway suits your circumstances best. 

Step 3

Facilitation of agreements & parenting plans

In the event of a resolution, we can help you to form a self-determined settlement agreement or "next steps" plan.

If you wish to make any agreement legally binding, you can do so through the court with the assistance of your lawyer.

Step 4

Follow-up Sessions

Agreements and plans made in the initial sessions may not always work perfectly. 


Our door is always open to future sessions to ensure any agreement is working in the reality of day-to-day life. 

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