Mediation Costs


Pricing for the Van Reyk Mediation service is detailed below. Payment is required prior to session commencement.


Although the final cost is dependent on how many mediation sessions are required, the final cost is significantly less than resolving the issue solely in the court system.


You may still require the service of lawyers; however, mediation has the potential to reduce the overall cost.

Initial Consultation - $250.00


An initial meeting is conducted privately with each party.


This session allows us to explain the mediation process in detail to you and to determine whether mediation is the suited to your current circumstances.


This is also your opportunity to explain your current situation and detail what has brought you to mediation.


This session runs for a duration of 1-2 hours.

Mediation Sessions - $220/hr

Meditation sessions are, on average, run in 3 hour blocks. This can vary depending on how the mediation is progressing.


The cost per hour is usually split evenly between the parties; ie $110/hr per person.


In the event of a dispute resolution, we can assist the parties to draft a self-determined settlement agreement or parenting plan.


This agreement can then be emailed to each party.


You then have the option of lodging this agreement in court with the assistance of your lawyer.


This drafting service comes at no additional cost.

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